News for South Bay Elementary & Middle Schools

Monday, August 31, 2015 – School Begins at 8:20 AM

The school office will open on August 17.

The first day of school for students is Monday, August 31

First Day of School 2015-2016

10 Ways to Make the Switch from Summer Mode to School Mode

  1. Restart Routines:  About 2 weeks before school starts, make bedtime earlier, dust of the alarm clock, and aim to serve meals at approximately the same times your child will be eating throughout the school year.
  2. Go Over Ground Rules:  When and where will homework be done?  TV? Chores?  Establishing guidelines and going over them together will make sure you’re on the same page once the school year begins.
  3. De-Stressing Dressing:  Many parents have found that letting their child choose their 1st day outfit to be beneficial – a souvenir shirt from a park you visited or a special new dress to match a friend.  Please replace the summer sandals with socks and sneakers.
  4. Develop a Game Plan – Together:  Discuss goals for the upcoming school year, triumphs from the year before, and some skills to work on during this year.
  5. Keep Summer Passions in Play:  Find ways to keep your child’s summer passion alive during the school year by finding after-school programs, clubs, teams, etc..
  6. Summon the Learning Spirit:  Assign creative homework as summer nears and end.
  7. Take a Final Family Field Trip:  Visit our local library, park, or zoo.
  8. Set Up a Homework Area: Create a quiet, well-lit space for study.
  9. Sharpen Skills:  Add a few brain-bending games into the everyday mix.  Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, trivia games, memory, etc…
  10. Go For a Test Run:  Take a trip to Pine Hill or South Bay and get familiar with the campus.

Newly Adopted Interdistrict Attendance (IDA) Policy

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear SBUSD Families,

The South Bay Union School District is clearly a school of choice in the Eureka area.  Approximately 30% of our students reside outside of our district boundaries.  Student achievement, as well as student enrollment have seen continued growth over the last several years.  As a result of our recent successes, SBUSD is reaching our student carrying capacity.  Simply put, if we continue to grow at our current rate, we will have too many students and not enough classrooms. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015, the SBUSD Governing Board updated our Interdistrict Student Acceptance board policies and administrative regulations.  Changes to SBUSD Interdistrict Agreement policies and regulations are detailed below:

  • The Superintendent shall by January 31 of each year, estimate how much excess capacity may exist to accept out-of-district students for the preceding school year. 

2015-16 Interdistrict Carrying Capacity by Grade-Level
Transitional Kindergarten – 6 out of district seats available
Kindergarten – 9 out of district seats available
1st Grade - FULL
2nd Grade - 13 out of district seats available
3rd Grade - FULL
4th Grade - FULL
5th Grade - FULL
6th Grade - FULL

  • When the projected enrollment of a school exceeds the school's published capacity, the school will be declared "closed" to out-of-district students. 

Interdistrict Transfer Application Process

  • The District shall communicate and follow the District-adopted timeline for accepting and responding to transfer applications.
    • Window 1: February 1 – February 28
    • Window 2: March 1 – March 30
    • Window 3: August 30 – Current School Year
    • Order of Consideration will be based on date/time of district receipt
    • A non-biased lottery system will be established once capacity has been reached
  • Applications will be considered in accordance with the application window periods in which the application is submitted.
  • Continuing interdistrict transfer applications will fill available slots before new applications.
  • Continuing transfer applicants who do not meet the application timeline will be required to reapply as new applicants.
  • Priority admittance will be given to siblings of students who are currently enrolled in the district, provided available capacity exists within the grade level.
  • Accepted new applicants must confirm their intention to attend the school by returning their completed transfer contract to the District Office according to the District-adopted timeline.  Failure to do so will result in cancelation of the accepted transfer application.
  • If all available slots are filled for the next school year, a lottery system will determine the order in which approved applications will fill slots that open up. 
  • If multiple application windows are made available for new transfer applications, all applicants in the lottery system from the previous window will be considered to fill available slots before those who applied in a subsequent application window. 
  • Current school year transfer applications will be approved on a space-available basis.

The full version of BP 5117, BP 5117.1, AR 5117 and exhibit 1-2 can be viewed on the Pine Hill, South Bay, our the District web page.

If you have any questions regarding Interdistrict Agreements, please contact me at your convenience.  I can be reached at (707) 476-8549 or by email at


Gary Storts
South Bay Union School District

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Budget Workshop PowerPoints

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation given by Lyn Kerr

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation given by Gary Storts

Revised 2014-2015 Handbooks Now Online

The Parent/Student Handbook for Grades 4-8 in the school year 2014-2015 is now available online. You can download a copy here.

School Board Head Lice Policy Revised

At their October 9th meeting, the South Bay Union School District revised their no nit head lice policy. You can view a copy of the revised policy here.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

South Bay School expectation for behavior on campus.

pbis poster

Download a full sized poster here.

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South Bay School Lunch Program

School Lunches: About 85% of the students at South Bay School eat a school lunch every day. Some students bring a lunch, others pay either the full or reduced price, and others receive a free lunch. The school secretary knows how each student pays for their lunches in order to manage the school lunch program; the kitchen staff, teachers, and other staff do not know this information, and neither do the students.

Paying for Lunch: Each student is expected to pay for their lunch before ordering it. Students can pay for their lunches in the school office. School lunches cost either $2.05 at a full price or $.40 at a reduced price and include the main course, side dish, milk and salad bar. Parents are encouraged to pay in advance by sending cash or a check (made payable to South Bay School) with their student, or we also accept payment by mail to: 6077 Loma Drive, Eureka, CA 95503.

Estimating lunch costs: The monthly school lunch menu is typically sent home a week before the new month begins. Parents are encouraged to look over the menu with their student and estimate the number of lunches the student will order at school. A student who eats school lunch every day will spend $10.25 for a five-day week and $41 for a full month of 20 school days.

Lunch Account Balances: Each student has an account set up on the school information system that will automatically deduct the funds from his/her account each day after lunch is served. Parents can obtain a current balance by contacting the school office at 443-4828 or by email at  A balance remaining at the end of the school year is automatically rolled over to the next school year unless you request a refund of the balance. The school office will contact the parent/guardian of a student who has a school lunch account in the negative with the amount owed to the school. If the amount owed exceeds $50, the student will not be allowed to receive a school lunch.

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Additional School New

Alert Now Auto Dialer

Alert Now is an automated phone dialer. We use the Alert Now system to provide school reminders and, in case of emergency, important information regarding school closure or evacuation. The software pulls the first number on your child’s emergency card to call, so it should go to the phone number that is most used by you. When the Alert Now system calls your phone, the caller ID will come up 476-8549, the South Bay School District phone number. Please put this number in your cell phone! It is also a good idea to have the school office numbers in your phone in case your child is trying to reach you from school:  South Bay 443-4828; Pine Hill School 443-4596. 

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Family Handbook Available Online

The South Bay Union School District 2013 - 2014 Family Handbook For Pine Hill Elementary School is now ready for distribution. You can get a pdf of the Family handbook here.

School Menus

Use the school menu page to view the school breakfast and lunch menus online or you can download them and print them at home.

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South Bay Middle School First In County To Provide 1:1 Computing

Classes Go Paperless After Every Student Receives Chromebook

On March 6th, each student at South Bay Middle School was issued a new Samsung Chromebook for educational use. South Bay Middle School is the first public school in Humboldt County to implement one-to-one computing to maximize student engagement in our fast-developing technological world.

Patty Valtenbergs, South Bay Technology Coordinator, working together with Colby Smart, E-Learning Specialist with the Humboldt County Office of Education, and the South Bay Middle School teachers pulled off what many thought was unattainable – providing each student with a laptop computer.


The Chromebooks are significantly more affordable than ordinary laptops, primarily because Google provides all the software for free. Google Chromebooks have made the possibility of going paperless with one-to-one computing a reality, and South Bay Middle School teachers are excited to be pioneering this effort in Humboldt County. Each of the middle school teachers is quickly becoming an expert on developing and sharing documents, opening folders, and creating Google forms for online quizzes and assessments. Katie King, 7th and 8th grade English teacher, has not photocopied one sheet of paper since the students received their laptops. All of her assignments are entirely created and turned in on the Chromebook using Google Docs.


In Clover Schinke’s history class, she feels that the instant access to internet sources has increased student's engagement with the content.  “The students feel empowered by the technology and are far more willing to take academic risks and really bring their creativity to the forefront,” says Schinke. “Since the introduction of the Chromebooks, the students don't want the period to end.  They want to keep researching and digging into the past. What else could a history teacher want?"

Click here to see a photo page of Students at South Bay Middle School show off their new "got chromebooks?

Read more and see more photos >>

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This is a movie of a cheerleading routine of the South Bay Middle School cheerleaders at a competition in Crescent City in March of 2013.

Click here to view the movie.

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South Bay Middle School

South Bay Middle School opened in 2011 to provide a technology-based academic program in a smaller, more personalized middle school setting. The South Bay Middle School is located at South Bay School in the South Bay Union School District. The South Bay Middle School is open to 7th and 8th grade students in Humboldt County. Currently, the middle school has 80 students; 38 eighth graders and 42 seventh graders, and an average class size of 20.

The South Bay Middle School educational program includes:

  • Highly qualified core teachers in Science, Math, History/Social Studies, and English
  • Pre-Algebra for 7th grade and Algebra Readiness and Algebra 1 for 8th grade
  • Rigorous academic standards
  • Emphasis on project-based learning
  • Technologically-equipped classrooms
  • 1-to-1 Computers (student laptops)
  • Online Grading System—Engrade
  • Homeroom, electives, and PE
  • Instrumental music program
  • Student leadership
  • Competitive sports program
  • EXPLORE After School Program

The South Bay Middle School program provides enriching classroom instruction that goes beyond the curriculum standards with engaging written assignments, project-based learning, and participation in competitive county projects and programs such as:

  • California History Day
  • County Science Fair
  • Regional Spelling Bee

Our teachers work together to enhance the core curriculum and educate the “whole” child by providing students opportunities for hands-on activities, problem-solving, and teamwork. The opportunities our teachers provide in the classroom and during free time help our students develop the responsibility and skills that will be essential as they move on to become successful adults.

Science and Technology Emphasis: Students in the South Bay Middle School take two full years of lab science taught by a highly qualified science teacher in a well equipped science classroom. The applied science program creates opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning projects, experiments, and use of the South Bay Wetlands Learning Center.

Advanced technology is used by staff and students to enhance learning and teach workplace skills such as internet research, word processing, and website design. Each middle school student is provided a Samsung Chromebook (laptop) computer to use in school and at home.

Completing School Work is Required: We are serious about student achievement. In addition to a strict grade promotion policy, students are required to complete individual and group work. Failure to do so could result in the student’s removal from the school.

Sports Program: South Bay Middle School has an after school sports program. Sports teams being offered include soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, and track.

Transportation: Students enrolled in South Bay Middle School may ride the district bus service using established bus stops. Early drop-off is available at 7:30am each morning.

Register Now: Students attending or residing within the boundaries of the South Bay School District will have priority enrollment; however, students outside the district boundaries are encouraged to enroll. Classes are expected to fill quickly—enroll now! Download the registration form.

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Parents Can Now View Child's Grades 24/7 with engrade

engradeSouth Bay School teachers are now using the engrade online grading system. Parents can contact Patty Valtenbergs to request a student account code. After receiving the account code, parents can set up a password that will allow them to access their child's grades online 24/7.

If you have an account code and a password, you can click here to login.

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Cell Phone Policy

Although not encouraged, students are allowed to have a cell phone at school. The rule is that the cell phone must remain “off” and in their pocket or backpack. Cell phones are not to be used during school time and this includes the EXPLORE after school program. Parents, please refrain from contacting your student at school using their cell phone. If you need to reach your child, please use the school phone at 443-4828.

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Get Involved with PTO

The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is open to parents/guardians of K-8 students at Pine Hill or South Bay Schools. The PTO is a huge supporter of our schools, and through their efforts thousands of dollars are raised each year to directly benefit the children in our district. PTO meets the third Thursday each month at 6:00pm. The location alternates each month from one site to the other. The next PTO meeting will be held at the Pine Hill Library on November 15th at 6:00pm. Please bring a friend and get involved with other parents/guardians like yourself who want to help make a difference in their child’s school.

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Bell Schedule

Download the South Bay School (4-6) and the South Bay Middle School (7-8) bell schedule.

Wetlands Project

See and read about the South Bay Wetlands Project

Student Handbook Now Available

The South Bay School Student Handbook provides a general voerview of important information about your school

School Board Meetings

Go to the School Board page.

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Web Site Redesign

We have redone our web pages so that they should display better on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile dievice. If you are experiencing any problems, have requests, or want to make a comment, we value your feedback and ask that you contact our webmaster so he can enhance your online experience of our district.

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