Welcome To South Bay Elementary & Middle Schools

Monday, August 31, 2015 – School Begins at 8:20 AM

The school office will open on August 17.

The first day of school for students is Monday, August 31

First Day of School 2015-2016

10 Ways to Make the Switch from Summer Mode to School Mode

  1. Restart Routines:  About 2 weeks before school starts, make bedtime earlier, dust of the alarm clock, and aim to serve meals at approximately the same times your child will be eating throughout the school year.
  2. Go Over Ground Rules:  When and where will homework be done?  TV? Chores?  Establishing guidelines and going over them together will make sure you’re on the same page once the school year begins.
  3. De-Stressing Dressing:  Many parents have found that letting their child choose their 1st day outfit to be beneficial – a souvenir shirt from a park you visited or a special new dress to match a friend.  Please replace the summer sandals with socks and sneakers.
  4. Develop a Game Plan – Together:  Discuss goals for the upcoming school year, triumphs from the year before, and some skills to work on during this year.
  5. Keep Summer Passions in Play:  Find ways to keep your child’s summer passion alive during the school year by finding after-school programs, clubs, teams, etc..
  6. Summon the Learning Spirit:  Assign creative homework as summer nears and end.
  7. Take a Final Family Field Trip:  Visit our local library, park, or zoo.
  8. Set Up a Homework Area: Create a quiet, well-lit space for study.
  9. Sharpen Skills:  Add a few brain-bending games into the everyday mix.  Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word searches, trivia games, memory, etc…
  10. Go For a Test Run:  Take a trip to Pine Hill or South Bay and get familiar with the campus.

Newly Adopted Interdistrict Attendance (IDA) Policy

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear SBUSD Families,

The South Bay Union School District is clearly a school of choice in the Eureka area.  Approximately 30% of our students reside outside of our district boundaries.  Student achievement, as well as student enrollment have seen continued growth over the last several years.  As a result of our recent successes, SBUSD is reaching our student carrying capacity.  Simply put, if we continue to grow at our current rate, we will have too many students and not enough classrooms. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015, the SBUSD Governing Board updated our Interdistrict Student Acceptance board policies and administrative regulations.  Changes to SBUSD Interdistrict Agreement policies and regulations are detailed below:

  • The Superintendent shall by January 31 of each year, estimate how much excess capacity may exist to accept out-of-district students for the preceding school year. 

2015-16 Interdistrict Carrying Capacity by Grade-Level
Transitional Kindergarten – 6 out of district seats available
Kindergarten – 9 out of district seats available
1st Grade - FULL
2nd Grade - 13 out of district seats available
3rd Grade - FULL
4th Grade - FULL
5th Grade - FULL
6th Grade - FULL

  • When the projected enrollment of a school exceeds the school's published capacity, the school will be declared "closed" to out-of-district students. 

Interdistrict Transfer Application Process

  • The District shall communicate and follow the District-adopted timeline for accepting and responding to transfer applications.
    • Window 1: February 1 – February 28
    • Window 2: March 1 – March 30
    • Window 3: August 30 – Current School Year
    • Order of Consideration will be based on date/time of district receipt
    • A non-biased lottery system will be established once capacity has been reached
  • Applications will be considered in accordance with the application window periods in which the application is submitted.
  • Continuing interdistrict transfer applications will fill available slots before new applications.
  • Continuing transfer applicants who do not meet the application timeline will be required to reapply as new applicants.
  • Priority admittance will be given to siblings of students who are currently enrolled in the district, provided available capacity exists within the grade level.
  • Accepted new applicants must confirm their intention to attend the school by returning their completed transfer contract to the District Office according to the District-adopted timeline.  Failure to do so will result in cancelation of the accepted transfer application.
  • If all available slots are filled for the next school year, a lottery system will determine the order in which approved applications will fill slots that open up. 
  • If multiple application windows are made available for new transfer applications, all applicants in the lottery system from the previous window will be considered to fill available slots before those who applied in a subsequent application window. 
  • Current school year transfer applications will be approved on a space-available basis.

The full version of BP 5117, BP 5117.1, AR 5117 and exhibit 1-2 can be viewed on the Pine Hill, South Bay, our the District web page.

If you have any questions regarding Interdistrict Agreements, please contact me at your convenience.  I can be reached at (707) 476-8549 or by email at gstorts@humboldt.k12.ca.us.


Gary Storts
South Bay Union School District

Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

South Bay School expectation for behavior on campus.

pbis poster

Download a full sized poster here.


Mission Statement

  • Prepare today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world by doing the following:
  • Provide a safe and nurturing school environment
  • Instill the basic skills necessary to prepare students for secondary education
  • Instill in students a sense of global awareness and civic responsibility
  • Instill in students problem solving skill in a technological world and a desire to become lifelong learners.

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